The switch cabinet requirements
  Release time:2017-08-10   Form:SMHVA Electric Co., Ltd.   Hots:2865
1) interlock requirements of the switch cabinet (mainly to be equipped with necessary mechanical and electrical interlock loading)
2) the entrance and exit form of the switch cabinet;
3) all secondary insulation components in the switch cabinet (such as terminals, auxiliary switches, plug-ins
) requirements;
4) requirements for measurement and display of instruments;
5) installation of incoming voltage transformer, metering voltage, current transformer
The requirements;
6) requirements for the form and location of the live display, grounding switch and installation;
Ii. Comparison with related products
Compartment number less, the protection grade partition is low, or no barrier, security is a bit poor, change circuit breaker is not convenient, single transformer capacity of 1000 kva and below the load switch and fuse protection, should consider to transfer current problems, the price is cheap.
Key points of construction and installation
The installation of the complete cabinet shall meet the following requirements:
(1) mechanical locking and electric locking should be accurate and reliable.
(2) the center line of the moving contact and the static contact should be consistent with the contact of the contact head.
(3) the switching contact of secondary circuit auxiliary switch should be accurate and reliable.
(4) the cabinets are fully illuminated