High voltage switch cabinet selection
  Release time:2017-08-10   Form:SMHVA Electric Co., Ltd.   Hots:2804
In order to ensure the safety of high voltage electrical components in normal operation, overhaul, short circuit and overvoltage, high voltage switch cabinet shall be selected according to the following conditions: (1) selection of ambient conditions including temperature, humidity, altitude and earthquake intensity; (2) the normal working conditions include the selection of voltage, current, frequency, mechanical load, etc. (3) the short-circuit conditions include short-term tolerable current, peak tolerance current, rated short-circuit closing and open circuit current, etc. (4) selection of the over-voltage capacity including insulation level; (5) according to different characteristics of various types of high-voltage electrical appliances, including the operation performance of the switch, the protection characteristics of the fuse, the load of the transformer and the accuracy grade, etc.