Technical performance
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Main technical content
1) environmental conditions:
(1) altitude: no more than 1000m.
(2) environmental temperature: not more than + 40 ℃, no less than 5 ℃.
(3) the relative humidity: 90% or less (15 ℃).
(4) seismic ability: the ground level acceleration is 0.4 g.
Ground vertical acceleration 0.2 g.
(5) safety factor: safety factor > 2.
Special conditions of environmental use, negotiated settlement when ordering.
2) technical conditions and product test parameters:
(1) rated working voltage: 10kV.
(2) maximum working voltage: 12kV.
(3) rated working frequency: 50Hz.
(4) the rated closing current is greater than or equal to 63kA, and the rated breaking current is greater than 25kA.
(5) rated dynamic current: 63, (80) kA (peak).
(6) rated thermal stable current: 25, (31.5) kA.
(7) high voltage equipment for the 10kV ungrounded system (neutral point through arc suppression coil grounding)
The insulation level shall meet the rated voltage of 15/17.5 kV.
(8) working frequency withstand voltage: porcelain insulator frequency withstand voltage: 42kV, 1min;
Non-porcelain insulator frequency withstand voltage: 38kV, 1min.
(9) impact withstand pressure: 75kV (peak).
(10) temperature: switch cabinet can contact parts 30 ℃;
Conductor is 65 ℃.
(11) internal fault arc effect test:
Cable room: 20kA / 0.1s;
Circuit breaker room: 20kA / 0.8 s.
(12) the bureau shall test and press the rules.
Technical requirements for cabinet structure (metal armor shift)
1) the size of the cabinet body (high x width x depth) should meet the design requirements.
2) the incoming and outgoing lines of cables should meet the design requirements.
3) structural structure:
(1) components in each cabinet, such as bus, circuit breaker, voltage transformer and outgoing cable should be separated.
(2) a circuit breaker chamber should be composed of a steel plate sealed unit, with to pull out type movable parts required for the device, the same parameter of movable components should be able to swap, with the same parameters and the structure of the other components are interchangeable.
(3) the metal shell and the partition of the cabinet shall be reliable grounding, and the grounding conductors and grounding switch ratings shall meet the requirements of the rated short-time and peak resistance current.The current density of copper conductor should not exceed 200A/mm2.
(4) the isolation plug in the movement position should be able to withstand short circuit shock current and ensure good contact.
(5) when pulling out the car, ensure that the isolation plug is disconnected.The opening of the diaphragm can be automatically closed to prevent contact with the live part.
(6) in the switchgear components shall be equipped with interlocking, pull the car only when the circuit disconnect, earth switch and circuit breaker should be reliable interlocking, for earthing switch operation should have clear instructions side no voltage meter reading, and circuit breakers to disconnect in case of wrong operation.
(7) application of metal tank shell, shell should meet the requirements of protection procedures, the floor and walls are not as part of the tank shell (the bottom of the tank should be allowed to wear into the two cable and terminal, such as available rubber MATS, etc., more than at the bottom of the installation of the cable room should have enough space to install large cross-section cable and zero sequence current transformer).
(8) the door and cover for normal maintenance shall be opened without manual tools, but for the safety of the operator, the interlocking device shall be required.In addition, special padlocks should be provided.
(9) if there is an observation port on the shell, it shall have sufficient mechanical strength and should consider the safe distance and electrostatic shielding measures between the shell and the electrical component.
(10) the stomata or vent should have the same level of safety as the shell.
(11) the partition should meet its protection standards and insulation boards should be able to withstand the test.There should be adequate air spacing between the main circuit and the insulator to withstand the pressure test of 150% rated voltage.
(12) in each bus bar should be installed in a separate bus isolation layer, busbar and cable connection available copper belt, the phase sequence of L1 line method is the first phase (in yellow), L2 (in green), the second phase in the third phase L3 (in red) from top to bottom or from left to right or from the inside out.
(13) the enclosed switch device should be able to assemble the transportation and site installation conveniently, and shall have cable terminal head, mounting hole, lifting bolt, bolt hole grounding wire, nameplate, padlock, etc.
(14) the paint color of the cabinet shell shall be determined by the manufacturer when not specified in the drawing.
(15) distance (provided by the manufacturer) : fixed contact between the contact head and insulation board;Between the movable arm and the isolation plate;Interphase (center distance);Relative (center line);Bus spacing (net distance);Phase bus to the ground (net distance).The creepage distance is given respectively: porcelain material and organic material.
(16) a neon type voltage display shall be installed on the outgoing cable.
(17) the joints of the bus and lead should be insulated.
(18) the cabinet shall be equipped with heating and lighting equipment.
(19) the incoming line cabinet shall be a remotable small car.
(20) each cabinet line shall have a mounting point per three cabinets.
(21) the ventilation hole in the upper and lower parts of the switch cabinet shall be added to the dust net.And reach the protection level:
IP4X level requirements.
(22) set the grounding bolt to the left of the cabinet and mark it with marks.
(23) the cable end height of cable terminal is not less than 700mm in the cable compartment.